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Why Would You Need An Urgent Courier Service?

Are you in need of a rush delivery for an urgent package? Looking for an affordable and easy way to ensure that the urgent package is delivered fast and on time? 

With traditional shipping methods in decline, e-commerce growing exponentially and customer expectations of quick delivery increasing, coupled with the forecasted growth of package deliveries in the next few years, the benefits of establishing a relationship now with a reliable courier could be a great investment.

Benefits of Using A Courier Hauler Service

If you are finding you have more and more demand from your customers to have shipments  be made overnight, the same day, or three days later, it is well worth considering working with a courier service rather than relying on traditional shipping methods.  Here are some reasons we think you should know:

Save Time and Money

Is it necessary for you to deliver documents right away? In these instances, most businesses request a member of staff to personally deliver the item, but this leads to a loss of time, loss of productivity for that employee, cost to you in mileage & their salary, and that’s before we consider the liability of that individual being in an accident.  A courier takes away the time implications & usually results in a cost saving.

Furthermore, if the documents are your own but need to be transferred to an alternative office or location, dealing with that inhouse can cause headaches for multiple office businesses. Using a courier service eliminates the need to physically transport your documents from one location to another.


If you have to deliver a package on the same day or within the hour, you want to know if you can rely on a courier service?  Delivery and pick-up times are extremely flexible with courier services compared to other shipping services. It doesn’t take very long for them to pick up and then deliver your package.  There are times when you cannot afford to wait around, so you should hire a courier service. 


Generally, courier companies need minimal handling of a specific item. With a more personal service, there is less need to handle the item and, as a result, your package is more likely to be handled with care and accountability.  Be it a white-glove service or a specialist installation, down to project management transporting related services, there is no need to worry about the safety of your package – we have you covered across all your courier needs. 

Reasonably-priced Rush Delivery 

What has been your experience with standard shipping companies for rush delivery of documents? There can be a lot of expenses involved, and rates are likely to increase. Most courier companies are often able to offer savings to customers as they have lower operational costs – even on those rush delivery services.

Ease Of Use

Getting a quote, scheduling a pickup, and placing an order can’t be any easier. The service is available to make changes to your order should they happen at the last minute. Most courier services are available after hours and on weekends. With our specialists and expert personnel, it would not be difficult for you to plan your move or deliver your important documents or assets. All you have to do is relax and let us handle everything. 

Make A Great Impression

In this fast-paced, instant gratification world, where everything is available instantly, customers are becoming more demanding. Let’s face it, most customers expect to receive their ordered products within a few days of ordering them online.

Think about how a client will feel having a professional, uniformed driver deliver a product they’ve ordered and is delivered to them the same day. By exceeding customer expectations and building trust, your business will become more credible and trustworthy. The speed & way in which items are delivered usually lead to customers using the service again.

Manage Your Urgent Deliveries

Your urgent packages can be managed in many ways with a courier service. Depending on your circumstances, you can choose the best option. 

KTALB offers these services as part of ASAP Courier & Logistics. Next day delivery is one of our more popular services.  We can also offer same-day delivery depending on the time & location the item needs to get too. Rush service is also possible for packages where delivery is needed within three or four hours, depending on where it needs to go. For extremely urgent packages, there is the super rush option, where we will pick up your package and get on the road for delivery within one hour.

Relax And Allow Us to Take Over

Being required to deliver a package right away can be quite stressful. You can get peace of mind by using a courier service. In addition to being incredibly easy to use, you know that your package is in excellent hands. You do not have to limit the delivery of urgent packages within the town when you use KTALB Courier & Logistics. If your package needs to be delivered urgently, we can deliver it anywhere.

How Can KTALB Help?

We understand the difficulty of managing a business. From satisfying your customers to delivering the right services all the time, all of these combined can be daunting. But you do not have to shoulder everything on your own, by allowing us to take a fair share of the load, we can help lighten your business requirement giving you the leeway to focus on matters that require your attention. 

The services that we offer include same-day deliveries, two-man tailor-fitted delivery services, specialist installation, proper management of the warehouse, delivery of project materials, handling of delicate and specialised white glove requirements and other business related needs. We cover this wide range of services to enable businesses to thrive in a highly competitive market where customers are empowered. 

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