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Published on: Logistics

How has Brexit affected the Haulage Industry?

A deal has been made between the European Union and the UK. This means we now have to face the uncertainties brought about by Brexit and look at it face to face. For the longest time, there have been many doubts as to what will happen with the haulage industry as new trade deals will greatly affect the road transport of various goods and services between the two territories.

A transition period was agreed by Brussels and London to ease the effects of our withdrawal from the EU. Since then, no changes have been seen in the way people and businesses trade but now that we are now past the transition period, what could possibly happen? Several meetings have to be arranged to finally sort out various issues that affect specific sectors of our country. However, we can anticipate some things that are likely to happen.

As agreed by the EU and the UK, the transport of goods can flow freely between the two territories, however with extra checks being carried out at the borders this may have a knock on effect to delivery times and costs For now, hauliers are only required to have the standard international operator’s licence to travel within the EU and EEA countries. However, they will be required to have the ECMT permit if they want to go to countries like Switzerland, France and Norway. To reach Ireland and Northern Ireland, they will only be required to obtain a community licence. 

One scenario is clear though: imports and exports will experience a drastic change. Due to the change in customs duties and extra checks along the borders, the inflation of prices is likely to happen, including goods that are important for the haulage industry. Another possible consequence of Brexit is the reduced number of trucks that can get into the EU. This is primarily due to the limited number of EU market permits that are available for UK operators. In addition, both territories are also concerned about the length of time it would take to cross the borders. The import of goods may be more of a challenge after Brexit. Trade will not stop. However, supply chains may become overwhelmed with long queues of trucks waiting to get through customs and security checks. 

An agreement between the EU and the UK has to be settled upon the shortest possible time it takes to get through the border, to prevent a halt in the movement of goods and block regulatory hindrances. This appeal has been suggested by unions in our country as well as from the EU.

Another impact of Brexit is the application for new registration for several companies. Around 90,000 VAT-registered enterprises in the UK are required to get a registration number which enables the EU authorities to identify them. This is just one of the issues that will be needing more attention as we move forward. It is not clear whether UK operators with existing licences can keep them until they expire. If haulage companies would like to continue transporting goods within the two territories, an Economic Operator Registration and Identification must be obtained. 

Drivers who are UK citizens who wish to transport goods within the EU or collecting goods from there to the UK will be required to have a UK driving licence and passport. This condition may or may not continue after Brexit but it is anticipated that the EU will be requiring a passport that is valid for 6 months after the date of entry to an EU country.

Another possibility is the necessity to acquire an International Driving Permit that is valid in the countries the driver will visit. The IDP 1968 is currently accepted in all EU territories except 4 countries (Spain, Cyprus and Malta require IDP 1949 while Liechtenstein requires 1926).

Why choose us?

KT ALB Transport continues to monitor the progress of our withdrawal from the EU. We are also keen on keeping up with the times so that we can give our customers the best possible service they need. 

We view Brexit as an opportunity to grow as a business. Although some announcements heavily impact our standards and practices, we will adapt and thrive because this is required and this is what we want. Our customers come first, so we work hand in hand with our staff to bring the very best in storage, haulage and courier industry.    

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