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2 Man Delivery: A Better Way to Get Your Home Goods Delivered

Fast and convenient service is what customers want. As eCommerce grows unstoppably, consumer behaviour is in constant flux. These days, consumers are used to buying things online in just a few clicks and expecting them to arrive in 24 hours or even the same day. Due to the higher expectations of shoppers, many people choose two-man delivery services because these are premium services.

While standard freight services typically offer curbside delivery, white glove delivery services include premium carrier services for bulky items that need to be delivered, set up, or installed. Two-man delivery is a convenient option for consumers needing assistance moving, assembly of large items, or heavy lifting.

What is Two-man Delivery?

A logistics company that offers two-man delivery can offer a range of additional services. They provide additional services beyond regular pick-ups and deliveries. Every package is handled very delicately during the transit and delivered to the customer with precision when it is delivered by Two-man delivery. Deliveries are handled delicately by the delivery driver to minimize the risk of damage and ensure the utmost care during transportation.

The delivery teams of Two-man delivery logistics companies are staffed with experienced and trusted professionals. Various types of movable goods are handled by these professionals end-to-end. Two-man delivery freight and shipment services have some exceptional features that make them stand out from the rest.

Why would your business benefit from Two-man delivery?

In recent years, the delivery industry has seen continuous improvements, with services such as two-man delivery (or white-glove delivery) being introduced. This industry focuses on customer service as opposed to manual assistance primarily due to customer requests. It is best suited for items that are large or more delicate and would not be well suited for transportation by a mainstream courier company.

The service includes delivering the item to a specific room in a business or home, unpacking it, and assembling it. Depending on the nature of the service, this can be an additional charge or incorporated into the service fee. As part of quality control, delivery drivers inspect big-ticket items for damage and ensure the installation was completed before removing all packaging and, in some cases, taking away the old item.

In what ways are consumers’ shopping habits changing?

In an ever-changing retail industry, it is difficult for businesses to keep up, but they must innovate and find new ways to impress consumers. It has resulted in a 6% growth rate in the two-man delivery sector, but only a 2% growth rate for the overall delivery sector.

The two-man delivery service operates at a time that is convenient for you, rather than waiting for several days for it to arrive. It may be difficult to completely switch to this type of delivery service for your business, but the benefits are unparalleled! A reduction in returns, a better customer experience and environmental benefits are just some of these benefits.

Enhanced customer service

Service of this type provides a comprehensive level of customer service from the beginning right through to the end. When the item is installed at the time of delivery, as well as the packaging and old items are removed, the customer will see your business going above and beyond to create a positive customer experience.

Reduction in returns

A higher-priced or larger item’s installation will be damaged more likely when left in the hands of the customer. The business can, however, make sure that the item is handled correctly throughout the delivery and installation processes with this type of delivery service. Less damage means fewer returns for replacement. To ensure its correct installation and functionality, the item will be installed and tested in the customer’s home.

The environment is better protected

As these deliveries are planned at a time when it is convenient for the customer, fewer deliveries are missed. This allows delivery drivers to plan their routes in an economically efficient manner. In addition to providing environmental benefits, white-glove delivery ensures that the waste packaging is recycled at the delivery location instead of ending up in a landfill. A customer may also have the option of having the old items taken directly from their home, meaning fewer of them are likely to end up in landfills.

Business models and consumer perspectives are changing because of this type of delivery service. While two-man delivery is a valuable extension of your customer service, it is important business owners understand the advantages of switching to this delivery service over the costs of changing their delivery style.

White-Glove Services: What Is Included?

Pick up in your home and deliver to a room of your choice. The client does not have to perform heavy lifting or move bulky, heavy items on their own with this service. All work will be performed by the delivery team, including carrying items up and downstairs.

Assembling and disassembling products. It is necessary to disassemble some furniture items when moving them because they are too bulky and bulky to be moved. Assembling furniture and dismantling it are also services some companies offer (e.g., delivering medical equipment and installing it or syncing IoT smart devices for immediate use). The delivery professionals will deconstruct the old product and remove it in a timely and safe manner if you’re replacing it.

Packaging that provides protection. Delivery companies that provide white-glove service adhere to high standards of package protection. Premium packaging materials are used for protecting packages, such as cardboard, wooden crates, glass masks, bubble wrap, moving wrap, Styrofoam, and packing peanuts. During transport, they take additional precautions to protect the shipments from moisture and movement, and they unpack everything once the shipment arrives at its destination. When they are done, they dispose of all the materials and leave without causing any mess.

Transportation that is safe and clean. Safe and clean shipping vehicles are provided by a team of experienced and trained professionals as part of the white-glove service. Most companies will be available to answer any questions you might have during the shipment and provide feedback afterwards.

Handling and inspections. Before assembly, some delivery companies conduct pre-site and post-site assessments to identify any unique configurations needing to be made during setup. As a white glove delivery service customer, you can be assured that your packages will be treated with the utmost care throughout the entire process of packaging, shipping, delivery, and assembly or setup. Special considerations are taken into account by drivers and packers, who handle your items in a way that is uniquely tailored for each item.

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