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White Glove Service Explained

The industry of e-commerce has experienced dramatic growth in the past few years and it has led to the reinvention of some aspects of luxury or class A service. It is no longer limited to the financial value of commodities. It is now characterised with the exceptional and one-of-a-kind experience associated with purchasing or procuring something. 

This exceptional and one-of-a-kind experience is distinguished with various factors; the convenience of buying or booking a product or service, the speed it will be delivered and the gratification that the customer will feel throughout the process. Modern-day customers have a deep desire for these factors and delivery service companies are faced with the challenge to make available more than just goods and services: one additional major purpose of their action is to offer their customers the privilege of an exceptional buying experience. This demand is no longer adopted by delivery service companies alone: it is also taken up by major brands to satisfy their loyal customers.

This wonderful trend is called a white glove service. This is a popular word circulating throughout the transportation and logistics sectors. Although a lot of companies from these sectors declare that they handle commodities or services with utmost attention to detail and care, it is the mental outlook of the company that sets their white glove service apart from others. 

What is white glove service?

As we have mentioned earlier, white glove service is a terminology used in the logistics and transportation industry. This service involves professionals donning white gloves while delivering or installing items in an exceptional manner. However, more emphasis has been given to the other aspects of the delivery or installation process rather than the mere donning of white gloves. 

White glove service is delivery service with exceptional and impeccable quality. This service is defined by its exceptional attention to details, especially for commodities that demand careful handling during purchase, transportation and installation. 

White glove delivery services are commonly used in delivering prized possessions, fragile items, antiques, priceless artworks, chandeliers, wedding cakes, high-priced equipment and so much more. What makes it different from other delivery services? 

  • Initial survey. A trusted and reliable team of professionals will inspect the goods before and after it will be sent to the assigned location. This is to ensure that the goods will be properly moved or installed if needed to. 
  • Wrapping and removal of materials. White glove delivery service companies observe high standards to protect your goods against possible damage. Materials like bubble wrap, styrofoam, cardboard, wooden crates, glass masks, mover wraps and packing peanuts may be used. Careful attention will also be given to protect your goods from moisture damage.
  • Careful handling. Your goods will be packed, shipped, delivered and installed with utmost care. A multi man team of professionals are highly trained to handle your goods, down to its one-of-a-kind considerations and needs.
  • Direct and first class transportation. Your goods will be transported in safe and clean delivery vehicles operated with trained and licenced professionals.
  • Proactive management. The job will be skillfully managed by a fittings team, installation specialists and account managers from start to finish with correct guidance being given by your appointed contact along the way, if necessary, from any unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances. They will make sure that your goods are delivered safely and on-time. They are also available to answer any questions you may have in mind. 
  • Product installation or removals. If you need to relocate, assemble or dismantle your goods to a new location, white glove service companies will always go above and beyond in ensuring full customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of white glove service?

If you are wondering what good does a white glove service bring, here are some of the distinguishable factors that make it stand out.

  • Premium customer service. Your goods will be handled by a dedicated team of professionals who will arrange a tailor-made delivery service by your special instructions. They will also anticipate any problems that may arise during the delivery service and provide solutions to prevent it from happening. This team is capable of providing you with convenient, seamless and flawless customer experience. 
  • Full customer satisfaction. When availing this service, you will experience a very low chance of having damaged goods. You will also experience peace of mind because your goods will be packed and shipped safely. Your goods will also be protected from possible theft. All companies will promise on-time deliveries so you can eliminate the need to worry about missing goods, lost goods, or delayed arrival of goods. In cooperation with the customer service team, you can track your goods in real-time as well.
  • Convenient solutions.  Most white glove delivery companies offer more than white-glove services; they can also offer other supply chain solutions like urgent deliveries, dedicated deliveries, business relocation, 2 Man Team, specialist installations, warehousing, project management and more.

Why should you consider a white glove service for you or your business?

Aside from the fact that it is a logistics and transportation trend, it can help you stand out from your competitors. If your business needs to offer a personalised experience to customers, tailor-made delivery services, build a stronger brand image or cultivate an excellent relationship with customers, you should consider a white glove service for the benefits it can offer and execute.

If you want to know more about our white glove service, why don’t you give the guys at KT ALB Transport a call on 01793 626 050? They are always on the move. They are urgent, dedicated and professional.